Dippy the Corgi/Chihuahua mix

Mary Moo the Chihuahua

Bunny Girl the Rabbit with her favorite things


Great Horned Owl

Toffee the Toy Poodle

Xavier the British Short Hair

Goose the Dachshund

Sophie, Natty, Cleo, Zorro, Mary Moo, Kasha, and angel Rascal

Fruity Tea

Cookie the Toy Poodle

Django the French Bulldog as an astronaut

Tucker the Lab/Boxer/Hound mix in the snow

Red Velvet Cupcake

Roborott, drawn for the Futuristic Visions charity event with Art Collective and the Dreaming Zebra Foundation

Skyler the Boston Terrier King


Bama with roses

Poe, Kahlua, and Max the Boston Terriers

Blue and Gold Macaw

Digby the Boston Terrier